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The Scary Thing About Store-Bought Skin Moisturizers

Every day, the beauty industry promotes over-priced chemical-packed makeup, moisturizers and mystery serums disguised as "natural" products.

Companies feel it's OK to only add a drop of a natural oil to a product and promote it as a major ingredient or beauty benefit.

We've all seen those corporate brands pushing every new product as a "breakthrough," with "Pro" this and "Vitamin" that.

Even worse are the companies who use complicated sounding pseudo-scientific "miracle ingredients" wrapped in a fancy package, with clever marketing language and celebrity endorsements.

It's all so confusing....

And a little scary.

How does anyone differentiate the safety and quality of one brand from the next when you can't even figure out what's actually in the product?

Well, we took a very close look at all those fancy "breakthroughs" and "miracle ingredients" for you.

What we found ranges from concerning to downright disturbing...


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Your Moisturizer Is Untested And Potentially Toxic

Sadly, there is little-to-no oversight of the cosmetics industry.

Without proper oversight, there's no one to protect us from the potential long-term effects of any harmful chemicals being used.

So companies end up using customers as human guinea pigs.

(We won't even get into the despicable practice of animal testing. We'll save that for another day.)

Take Cyclosiloxane as an example...

This is an ingredient many large companies use to add texture to creams.

It's been shown that Cyclosiloxane increases our sensitivity to the sun which puts us at risk for skin damage.

Where's the sense in that?

And to make matters worse, reading the label won't help you.

Here's why...

The Hidden Dangers Of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are, by definition, not disclosed to the world at large.

And since fragrances (or Parfum) are considered trade secrets...

Manufacturers are not required to disclose chemical ingredients on their products

Companies use these trade secrets to hide harmful chemicals from their labels so products can appear to be more natural.

A product you think is natural may actually be filled with many hidden harmful chemicals.

Let's look at the preservative Paraben, often found as a "secret ingredient" in fragrances.

Paraben penetrates the skin when applied topically and it has been proven to mimic the female hormone estrogen in the body.

Even more disturbing, scientists have already established an association with parabens in cosmetics and breast cancer.

And that is only ONE of up to 200 chemical components found in a "secret" fragrance formula...

I wouldn't trust any company that has to hide their ingredients, would you?


So Are There Any Natural Alternatives Out There That Actually Work?

Now for the good news...

It turns out many of the claims made by the big corporate brands actually stem from research performed on natural compounds or their derivatives.

One example is Vitamin A.

A cream rich in Vitamin A (referred to as topical retinoid therapy) has a well-documented effect on skin health.

These benefits include

  • the treatment of acne
  • a reduction fine wrinkling, increased smoothness, and improvements in skin damaged by sun exposure.
  • increased smoothness, improvements in skin damaged by sun exposure.
  • improvements to skin damaged by sun exposure.

A second key component is Vitamin E.

Topical application of vitamin E has been around for centuries.

Additional benefits include

  • penetration of the skin and infusion of cell membranes
  • supplies the skin with a form of vitamin E not available from diet
  • absorbs energy from ultraviolet (UV) light
  • reduces free radical damage
  • has anti-inflammatory effects
natural moisturizer

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The 3 secret ingredients you MUST have in your moisturizer

The following 3 ingredients are absolute must-haves in any purchased or do-it-yourself formulas.

They will deliver a one-two punch of high concentrations of Vitamin A and E.

Also creating a barrier to help heal, soften and retain critical moisture levels in your skin.

While you can certainly create your own creams at home, it can be quite a challenge using unrefined ingredients. You will need to:

  • find a source for each ingredient
  • purchase in varying quantities to minimize waste
  • combine into a stable, usable cream

The reality is we lead busy lives. Most of us would rather rely on a reputable brand that incorporates these core ingredients.

Try and avoid any of the "pop-up" vendors you find on the Internet. You want to find a company that has deep vested interested in how and where they source their ingredients. And have a long history of delivering on sustainable quality.

And now here are the top 3 secret ingredients for a natural skin moisturizer...


Secret #1: Virgin Coconut Oil

The core of any moisturizer is Virgin Coconut Oil. It helps skin stay moisturized and prevents moisture loss.

Soothes and helps restore dry, cracked skin.

High concentrations of the fatty acids capric, caprylic, and lauric acid contribute to its anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.

For the highest levels of antioxidants look for:

  • Traditionally produced, wet-milled
  • Made from fresh coconuts soon after harvest
  • Processed using heat and not cold-pressed!
  • Produced by small, sustainable family farms

Secret #2: Virgin Red Palm Oil

Virgin Red Palm Oil contains the highest amounts of vitamins A and E of any plant-based oil.

Most palm oils are highly processed, Virgin Palm Oil maintains its vibrant red color which stems from carotenes, such as alpha-carotene and beta-carotene (vitamin A).

For the best results:

  • Must be traditionally produced!
  • Made from tropical palm, not coconut palm trees
  • Sourced from Africa, not South East Asia
  • Produced by small, sustainable family farms

Secret #3: Organic Beeswax

The last of the 3 secret ingredients is Beeswax. With its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing effects on the skin it is the perfect compound to round out a skin care solution.

If you're battling (or just want to avoid) issues of acne, eczema, or skin sensitivity, beeswax is an essential ingredient. Its medicinal properties help ward off skin infections and offer long-lasting healing. It's soft, natural, and practically magical.


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